Pastor Ray Owens and Family


Metropolitan Baptist Church

Welcome to the Metropolitan Baptist Church! Who are we? The church that cares. We are delighted you have decided to visit our website.  Since 1917, Metropolitan Baptist Church, more lovingly known as The Met, has served as a beacon of light shining in north Tulsa and beyond – impacting the community and world with our vision and faith.

During a typical Metropolitan worship service, you will experience powerful music, including soul-stirring traditional and contemporary gospel.  Lean in for inspirational and thought-provoking messages that will change your life! You will encounter friendly people, and a welcoming atmosphere. We have a variety of opportunities for worship, fellowship, education, and outreach for people of all ages and backgrounds.  We welcome you to visit this week!  If questions arise as you browse the website, contact us with your questions.

We look forward to seeing you for our Online Only Worship Experience at 9:45 AM! At the Met, we believe that God has a blessing with your name on it!  We want to see you get the blessing with your name on it.  May the peace, power and presence of the Lord be with you.

Drs. Ray & Dion Owens
Senior Pastor and First Lady


Metropolitan Baptist Church

Our vision of being a caring church that is both spiritually nurturing and socially responsible emerges from our commitment to the teachings of Jesus.  We hold to the prominent biblical theme that conceives salvation as a matter of the mind, body, and soul.  In harmony with this doctrine of salvation and successful living essentials, Metropolitan’s ministry approach seeks to holistically address the human condition by working to help meet the basic necessities of God’s people–particularly the most vulnerable.

We are called to liberate minds, bodies, and souls from forces that bind, oppress, and prevent people from flourishing in life.  In a time when people are overwhelmed with challenges and burdens, we believe unchanging biblical truths give us the answers to meet them head-on.  Through the balanced application of God’s Word, we learn how to rightly manage our lives; and experience victory in our relationships, marriages, parenting and careers. 


“To be the church of choice that cares for the minds, bodies, and souls of its congregation and community”


“Metropolitan Baptist Church seeks to transform lives and transform our community to the glory of God.”


The practice of Holy Hospitality
High standards of Integrity
The Spirit of Creative Innovation
Acts of Christian Service
The Attitude of Acceptance
The quest for Spiritual Growth

Worship The Lord In Giving

Metropolitan Baptist Church believes fruitful giving creates a solid financial foundation. When we give, we simply offer God a very small portion of all the abundance that God has given to us. No amount is too small when given with a purpose and from the heart.