Living For What Matters Most

Group Name: Living For What Matters Most

Would you be interested in enjoying a virtual space to get to know other Met Women who love God’s word? Has life ever thrown some unexpected challenges your way, or have you ever felt like it was difficult to find and maintain joy in the midst of life’s struggles? If so, then this study is for you! Through the study of Philippians, we can gain a new perspective during our trials and learn to live a life filled with worship, instead of worry. Paul, by the power of the Holy Spirit, gives us guidance on how to successfully navigate through life’s turmoil with joy, faith, and grace. His letter to the Philippian Church contains priceless principles that teach us the importance of unity between believers, perspective during life’s challenges, stewardship over God’s blessings, and imitation of Christ’s character. I pray that you will take this opportunity to delve into the scriptures with me and learn what really matters most! Connect Group is for you!

Group Leader: Jessica McGhee
Meeting Day: Weekly Tuesday evenings at 7pm

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